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Hershey Named B.R. Kreider Core Value Award Recipient

Manheim, PA – B.R. Kreider & Son, Inc., an excavating, paving and site management company based in Manheim, PA, recently recognized Lawrence Hershey, a Dozer Operator, with the 2016 B.R. Kreider Core Value Award.

The award is presented to the employee who best represents the seven core values of the company; Safety (a commitment to the best safety practices), Integrity (always doing things the right way), Collaboration (encouraging positive relationships), Quality (providing premium service with the utmost care), Innovation (finding new and better ways to provide great service and value), Servant (do unto others as you would have them do unto you) and Stewardship (sharing time and talents with the community).

Hershey was one of four finalists for the award joining nominees Ben Haldeman (1st quarter), Maureen Smith (2nd quarter) and Harrison Glah (4th quarter). All potential recipients were nominated by fellow employees.

Among the comments by those who submitted Hershey’s name for consideration were “Lawrence is highly respected and always performs quality work no matter the situation or conditions,” and “he’s not just a great operator with an attention to detail, he’s also looking for ways to get the job done when there are obstacles.”

“Lawrence has very high integrity, brings a high level of quality in all he does and is a respected leader in our company,” said Brent Kreider, President of B.R. Kreider & Son. “He’s a great steward of everything we‘ve entrusted to him and he is always quick to help others while displaying a servant’s heart. We’re proud to have Lawrence on our team.”

A resident of Columbia, PA, Hershey joined B.R. Kreider & Son in 1996.

B.R. Kreider & Son Recognized For Floodplain Restoration Project

Manheim, PA - B.R. Kreider & Son, Inc., an excavating, paving and site management company based in Manheim, PA, recently received two awards from the Associated Builders & Contractors Keystone Chapter organization for the Logan Park – Rife Run Floodplain Restoration Project in Manheim.

B.R. Kreider & Son was awarded the 2016 ABC Keystone Chapter Excellence in Construction Award in the “Miscellaneous/Special Projects” category as well as the 2016 ABC Keystone Chapter Project of the Year Award, partnering with LandStudies, Inc.

B.R. Kreider & Son’s first involvement in the project came in 2012 when LandStudies requested to have test pits excavated for research and future design. The floodplain restoration and construction began in July, 2015 and was completed in October, 2015.

Part of the environmental Restoration Project of the Chiques Creek Watershed and Floodplain, the Logan Park – Rife Run Floodplain project is designed to improve overall water quality as well as reduce non-point source pollution, reduce stream bank erosion, increase habitat and diversity, reduce nutrients/sediment, filter storm flows and other environmental benefits.

B.R. Kreider & Son’s role included clearing 2.5 acres of land, as well as excavation and grading for the floodplain restoration. Part of the restoration included removing trees and brush that lined the banks of Rife Run, a tributary of Chiques Creek. The project also included creating toe wood and log sill structures using logs and tree stumps for streambed protection and stabilization. In addition, relocation of legacy sediment was used to improve community soccer fields in Manheim.

“We were blessed to be part of this project, knowing the benefits it will bring to the community and the environment,” said Brent Kreider, president of B.R. Kreider & Son. “I am extremely proud of our team and their dedication and commitment to this effort. And we were fortunate to have a tremendous partnership with LandStudies, Chiques Creek Watershed Alliance and Manheim Borough. Their leadership and support were invaluable to all involved.”

Farm Show LEGO Winner Builds B.R. Kreider & Son Construction Site

Manheim, PA – Ten year-old Isaac Kreider has built several truck projects out of LEGOs before, but when it came time to put together a LEGO display for the Manheim Farm Show, the industrious fifth-grader took it to another level. Using LEGOs, Kreider created a construction site based on Manheim’s family-owned excavating and paving company, B.R. Kreider & Son.

For his efforts, Isaac, who is not related to the B.R. Kreider family, not only won first place for his LEGO display, he also earned Best in Show honors.

The display included a backhoe, skid steer loader, workers digging a waterline, workers in a shoring box and even a port-a-john for added authenticity, but the main attraction in the creation was a large crane in the middle of the site. With some advice on gears from his dad, Larry, and the use of a LEGO motor, Isaac was able to mobilize the crane with full forward - reverse function.

“When we learned about Isaac’s display and then saw it for ourselves we were blown away,” said Brent Kreider, president of B.R. Kreider & Son.

“Isaac did a tremendous job and we’re happy to have been the inspiration behind his award-winning entry,” added Courtney Dougherty, a member of the company’s fourth generation leadership team along with Kreider and Heidi Hollinger.

Isaac began working on the project soon after the end of last year’s Manheim Farm Show and the countless hours of work certainly paid off.

B.R. Kreider & Son recently recognized Isaac for his LEGO display with Dougherty, Hollinger and Kreider presenting him with a LEGO Demolition set, a B.R. Kreider & Son hat and some additional items from the company.

When Isaac grows up he has said he would like to either be a farmer, a missionary, or a construction worker.

“Based on his workmanship and his attention to detail, if Isaac chooses to pursue construction he’s probably someone we should keep an eye on,” said Kreider.

Lancaster County Contractor Introduces Safer Excavation Equipment

Manheim, PA – B.R. Kreider & Son takes safety seriously – both for its workers and the community. Which is why the local excavating contractor recently purchased the newest technology in safe soil excavation: the X-Kavator Hydro-Vacuum Excavator.

The X-Kavator, a non-mechanical, non-destructive technology that uses pressurized water and an industrial strength vacuum, is valued for the “clean cuts” it can make at pinpoint locations, which result in fast, precise excavations, with reduced risk of damaged pipes, wires and cables. Even more important, by using the X-Kavator, B.R. Kreider & Son’s workers can potentially avoid underground utility line accidents, which cause innumerable injuries and countless dollars in property damage every year in the U.S.

“Safety has always been a top priority at B.R. Kreider,” says company president Brent Kreider. “Our Toolbox Talk Tuesdays and Circle of Safety programs have helped immensely in our quest to identify and prevent unsafe conditions, and now the X-Kavator is just one more step in the direction of maintaining high safety standards at our work sites.”

B.R. Kreider & Son’s X-Kavator will be used for projects ranging from underground utility location and potholing, to sinkhole remediation and pipe jetting.

B.R. Kreider & Son, a 4th generation excavating, paving and site management company, is the only local excavating contractor to be certified with the AQC Accredited Quality Contractors Association. With over 180 dedicated, professional team members, they have the resources and ability to react quickly and efficiently, delivering results throughout Lancaster, Harrisburg, York, Reading, Lebanon and the surrounding areas.

80 Years Later, B.R. Kreider & Son, Inc. Still Guided By Golden Rule

Celebrating 80 Years
Manheim, PA (July 20, 2016) – When Benjamin Kreider founded B.R. Kreider Landscaping and Grading in 1936, the cornerstone of the fledgling business was the philosophy to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Eighty years later, the business has grown into B.R. Kreider & Son, Inc., a leading excavating, paving and site management company in the Central PA region, although the growth has not altered the foundation of the company.

“We still follow that ‘Golden Rule’ approach in everything we do,” said Brent Kreider, President of B.R. Kreider & Son, Inc. and part of the fourth generation of Kreider family leadership along with cousins, Heidi Hollinger and Courtney Dougherty. “Whether we are working with a customer, a vendor or our fellow teammates, the emphasis is always on treating them as we would like to be treated. I think that’s one of the biggest reasons we’re still in business after 80 years. We do right by our customers and vendors and they appreciate it.”

Innovation and the expansion of services over the years has also played a large role in the company’s growth. Today B.R. Kreider & Son, Inc. offers residential and commercial paving and excavation, builder services, site management, environmental solutions, topsoil, portable crushing, recycled materials, agricultural services and other specialty services.

“Every time we look at expanding what we do and the services we provide, we take time to make sure we can deliver the same level of quality and customer satisfaction that comes from our original guiding principle,” said Kreider. “Business has its challenges, but filtering decisions and actions through the lens of the ‘Golden Rule’ often makes the answer clearer. Part of our goal as today’s leaders in the company is to pass along the key beliefs and values to the next generation so B.R. Kreider & Son can enjoy another 80 years or more of serving Central Pennsylvania and the surrounding region.”