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Construction material recycling


A usable product can be processed from materials such as rock, concrete, or asphalt, which would otherwise be exported off-site at the customer's expense. The processed material can be screened to various gradations for use on your project.

Receiving Asphalt & Concrete Materials for Recycling

  • Currently ACCEPTING Asphalt – Dump Fees Will Apply
  • Currently ACCEPTING Concrete – Dump Fees Will Apply

Specifications: Concrete material must be 18" or less. Rebar must be ½" in diameter or less. Rebar tails must be cut off near the concrete. We do not accept concrete with pieces of steel inside, which includes bollards, I-beams, angle iron, etc.

Crushing machine

B.R. Kreider’s new crusher in action. Inset shows the latest in rock crushing technology.


Portable rock crushing helps to maintain a balanced site and keeps operations on schedule by utilizing excess rock for the stone base. Eliminating the export of excess rock or burying rock on site can minimize waste and reduce costs.

Recycled Asphalt and Concrete

Recycled Asphalt is crushed to produce RAP (recycled asphalt product) which is great for topdressing (minimum 3” depth), drives and parking lots. When placed and compacted it knits together well, especially with heat from the sun and heavy traffic use. Although not true asphalt paving, it’s an inexpensive alternative that works well when properly installed.

Waste Concrete can also be recycled. Known as RCP (recycled concrete product), it is to be utilized for a superior subbase material to the traditional crushed stone. When placed and compacted, the Portland cement in the concrete actually resets and provides an extremely tight, high strength subbase. Utilizing RCP also helps minimize waste and disposal costs of demolished concrete.

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