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DuraTherm decorative asphalt


DuraTherm® is a decorative asphalt surfacing system designed specifically for high-traffic crosswalks. Tremendous durability ensures DuraTherm® will maintain its bold look for many years. DuraTherm® is also great for small parking lots! Fast installation means minimal disruption.

What is DuraTherm®? DuraTherm® is a thermoplastic material that is inlaid into imprinted asphalt. It is installed flush with the asphalt, as a result, it is extremely resistant to wear caused by traffic and is very snowplow friendly. Since DuraTherm’s market introduction it has been installed in dozens of important street projects in communities of all sizes across North America. These installations have drawn the attention of municipal officials, engineers, specifiers and other influencers who appreciate the solutions that DuraTherm® brings to their ever-present concerns about both pedestrian safety and road maintenance.

Installing DuraTherm®

Here are before, during and after pictures of a DuraTherm® job that B.R. Kreider did for Warwick Township

Warwick Township Duratherm

TrafficPatterns® XD

TrafficPatterns® XD is a product for existing asphalt similar to the look of Duratherm®. It is great for high traffic crosswalks with fast installation for minimal traffic disruption. TrafficPatterns® XD is also skid and slip resistant and the finish is smooth, providing for a pedestrian friendly surface.

Here are Kreider Driveway Team Members installing TrafficPatterns® XD in Lebanon, PA

Lebanon Traffic Patterns